Forgive . Focus . Forward

An Intuitive Music Programming Women’s Retreat with Melissa Indot

Malaysia, 2019

8 - 11 November

Join Retreat Leader Melissa Indot for a long weekend of Soul Nourishment. The Forgive.Focus.Forward is a programme that Melissa specifically designed for smaller groups.

It is for individuals who are ready to deep dive into a journey of reconnection and recalibration. You may feel uncomfortable at times, you may shed tears, you may also dance, sing and rejoice - Whatever state of Being comes to you, you are free to be without judgement. We have spent too many years of lives suppressing and hiding from the uniqueness of who we are.

This holiday is designed to provide a nurturing environment where you can safely unravel from the stresses of modern life and the never-ending “to-do” list. We go Off Grid within this micro community where time stands still as a sacred space is created to allow for a deeper “listening” and understanding of your basic needs.

Commune with like-minded "Sisters" to Re-discover, Re-connect and Reset . Melissa will create and hold space for you to Surrender into the present moment, because in doing so you can attain clarity by simply being with the overwhelmed state our minds and expectations often lead us to until it naturally dissolves.

This state of Being, allows us to fully LIVE each present moment for what IT IS within us. It is in this SUBTLE FOCUS on the significance of each moment without the filters & conditioning of the outside world that allows us to move Forward. Offering gratitude to the past For-Giving us the wisdom in all its experiences to move through life with ease and grace!

On this retreat you will be guided through an Intuitive Music Programming Programme Interwoven with Serenity Vibration Healing Techniques, enjoy Daily yoga as a grounding practice and be held by the natural healing qualities of Mother Earth. In addition to a carefully prepared programme, you will be given the opportunity to receive soul-deep nurturing as you are nourished with conscious conversations and delicious food.

Melissa channels magical transformation in her clients with such grace and ease. Her appreciation for life and the truth of human experience is spot on. Thank you so much for supporting me in so many ways to have the skills, confidence and go-for-it attitude.
— Danielle mensah, Financial News Most Influential Woman / Coach / Speaker

The Cost

Included per Person

  • 3 night stay in beautiful rustic hut/tent accommodation with private ensuite bathrooms

  • Daily Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and Picnic-style teatime

  • Daily Morning Walking Meditation in Nature, Yoga (optional)

  • Opening Welcome Circle by a natural river

  • Closing Circle “Graduation” Rite of the Womb Ceremony around an Open Fire

  • “Forgive.Focus.Forward” IMP Programme (covering topics such as Radical Forgiveness, Inner Child Connection, Dreams vs Hopes vs Expectation)

  • Group Activities to support integration of workshops eg. Journalling, Active Listening, Non-Violent Communication, Serenity Vibration Healing Technique & Ecstatic Dance

  • Personal Printed Workbook to accompany the workshop

  • Free time to explore the surroundings and be with nature

  • Quiet time for reflection and introspection

  • A Curated Welcome gift

  • Towels, bed-linen, ceiling fans. No air conditioning and Wi-Fi as we will be Off Grid

  • Secure Car Parking

The Venue

The sticks

  • 300 metres above sea level, this stunning jungle location is no more than 45 minutes outside Kuala Lumpur.

  • Be held by the energy of Mother Earth. Bask in the frequencies of natures symphonies as you are immersed in the abundance of life in the jungle.

  • Satisfy your belly with home cooked food with generous servings of love.

  • Rest your eyes from your digital screens by admiring the spectrum of colours around you in the flora and fauna.

  • Relax or lay in the nearby river, to refresh with a book in one of the hammocks, or follow the path of the “road-less traveled” for a touch of whimsy.

All inclusive Full Board 3 night stay room sharing :

RM $3,500

NOT INCLUDED : Return Transportation, Travel Insurance


Pay in FULL NOW with 10% Before 30 September

Pay in FULL Before

30 September and save 10%

Investment Options over 2 months

Complete the payment with Two Monthly instalments

RM 1,750.00 + PayPal Charges (Total all inclusive package Value RM 2,700) Final Payment Due 8 October


Payment in FULL to secure my place by Bank Transfer

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A unique transformational modality using music as a vehicle to cultivate and support Conscious Living through intentional play-listing.



melissa indot, founder of intuitive music programming

Melissa's Story is one of pure CARE; one that weaves her experiences of Creation, Addiction, Rehabilitation and Expansion. Her purpose now is to share with the world the tools and systems she acquired on this journey. Intuitive Music Programming is the product of Melissa's personal journey.

Intuitive Music Programming refines our emotional intelligence to unlock a new level of freedom. IMP is an effective system that helps transform challenging situations in life. It ‘does the work’ without you realising the work is being done.)

Music is a powerful tool for transformation because it works on a cellular level. It allows us to connect and be present in the moment. It works particularly well in making us feel calm in moments of anxiety, stress and overwhelm. Music grounds us. 

Melissa offers live IMP workshops in Asia, the United States and the United Kingdom. She launched her online IMP courses in April 2018 to a global market.

Melissa is a Body Access Technician, a Teacher of Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique and a Level 4 Master Practitioner.

She has presented her work at Ibiza Spirit Festival, Bali Spirit Festival, MURFest, Families In Global Transition Conference (Thailand), HolyMama Retreats (Bali & Ibiza), Feminine Leadership Retreat (Thailand) and FrontYard Family Retreats (Bali).