It all started when…

Ping and Melissa are childhood friends who’s parents knew each other well. They spent most of their early childhood avoiding each other and much of their teenage-hood mixing in different circles. Hailing from Singapore and Malaysia respectively, both Ping and Melissa were fortunate to benefit from an education that saw them travel to the US and the UK.

Over the coming adult years the two would see each other at chance weddings and birthdays and random red light stops in traffic. Nothing special really. Melissa pursued her cliched music career, recorded an award winning album and DJed around the world while Ping got hitched, had three children and ran her own Montessori Pre-School. Not much really!

What then seemed like a random Facebook exchange lead to what has become Holidays With Intention.

Ping and Melissa are combining their vision and passion to contribute to the new movement of Thought Leaders. This “brave new world” where Leaders are taking action towards providing a place for those whose curiosity for a purposeful and intentional way of living has been ignited.

A conscious way of living that is healthy, in integrity and expansive for the individual, in relationship, with children, as parents, within families, our work place and communities at large.

Welcome to the Holidays With Intention Family

Mama Ping gave me tips, tips and more TIPS on feeding schedule, and every other detail on how to manage newborns, how to catch up on sleep and how to pump like a pro!
Being a first time mom, these tips came in really handy.
— Michelle
Melissa has such an incredible energy, I found my time with her so inspiring and one month on I’m still finding it so much easier to tap into my playful side and my children are loving it. My friends are also seeing the benefit. I’ve got new tools to call on when I’m having a tough time
— Josephine


"Wisdom lies beyond what We can see"