Messages of Love


Mother of 21

“ My son was only 18 months when he first started Frontyard Playschool. We were nervous as he was our first born. However, Ms Ping is truly an amazing teacher. She made learning fun through play. She is enthusiastic & dedicated. She has this ability to connect well with all the children ... my son looked forward to Frontyard playschool everyday! My son grew & developed so much. We hope Ms Ping will continue Frontyard for older kids. “

" I met Melissa as a retreat coordinator in Ibiza. From the first moment I was impressed by her poetic charisma and her strong presence.

She has a very high degree of professionalism, reliability and diligence. It was especially nice to listen to her: her remarkable voice, her beautiful music and her colourful stories about life’s little wonders... still sounding to me in my ear.

Thank you, Melissa. “

Nadine Bajek

" Melissa has such an incredible energy, I found my time with her so inspiring and one month on I’m still finding it so much easier to tap into my playful side and my children are loving it.

My friends are also seeing the benefit. I’ve got new tools to call on when I’m having a tough time.

Music has become a bigger part of my life again. Thank you thank you thank you. "

Josephine Dolan-Dufourd


Mother of 1

“ Mama Ping gave me tips, tips, and more tips on feeding schedule, and every other details on how to manage newborns, how to catch up on sleep and how to pump like a pro! 
Being a first time mom, these tips came in really handy.
I'm proud to say that I've been exclusively breastfeeding for almost 6 months.
Thank you Mama Ping for your support! ”

anna B

Mother of Twin Boys

“ Thanks a million to Ping & Frontyard for the great service, and also thanks for all the great advice along the way how to cope with night feeds, sleep schedules etc. “