Why Holidays with Intention

You want to feel good after a holiday. 

You want to feel rested, re-energised and ready to get back into life.

Most of the time, we find ourselves feeling exhausted at the end of a holiday from not really having switched off, or dreading going to back to work.  It's the Sunday blues but magnified.

With Holidays with Intention, you have everything you want from your usual holiday. The value add we offer is to provide you with the space and tools to :

  • Support you in reviewing life

  • To be heard

  • To share experiences

  • To be curious

  • To ask questions

And all this whilst you are in a relaxed state.

On leaving a Holidays With Intention Experience, you feel refreshed, focused and enthused with a renewed clarity and outlook towards the life you are choosing to return to and not a life you have to return to. 

Why You Book A Holiday

I am tired 

I am burnt out. Stressed. Over exposed

I need some respite from Work. From life. From my Spouse / Partner / Family

I want to dedicate some time to be on my own for quiet reflection

I / We want bonding time with my / our Children

I want to nurture the relationship dynamics within my family

I want to reconnect with my Spouse / Partner / Family

I want to bond with my team and inspire them

It seems impossible does it not? To have a holiday where you can own time for yourself and time to bond with your loved ones? To return to life with a refreshed outlook that is sustainable. Let Holidays With Intention show you how this is all possible. Look for out latest holiday here