Why do you want a holiday?

Is it because you are tired 

Suffering from burn out? Stressed? Over exposed

Needing some respite from Work? Your Kids? Your Spouse / Partner

Perhaps you want to dedicate some time to be on your own for quiet reflection

You want bonding time with your Children

You want to nurture the relationship dynamics within your family

You want to reconnect with your Spouse / Partner

Why Holiday with Intention

You want to feel good after a holiday don't you?  You want to feel energised and ready to get back into life.

Most of the time, we find ourselves feeling exhausted at the end of a holiday, or dreading going to back to work.  It's the Sunday blues but magnified.

After a Holiday with Intention, our aim is to for you to feel focussed, determined, and ready to make a change and excited to go back.

You will have an incredible holiday of course(!), but the point is that you want to feel good after a holiday, and for that holiday feeling to last.  

The concept

Melissa Indot......

The team

Holidays With Intention is supported by an exceptional and professional team spanning across all corners of the globe, providing support to Madeleine and Melissa and all attendees of Realise Your Significance retreats.

Ping Coates, Mindy Choo and Katrina Harris have expertise skills and experience in areas of Business Management, Financial Services, Executive Office, Events Management, Travel, Retreat/Event/Spa Management and the list goes on.  RYSe and their attendees could not be in better hands. 


Melissa Indot

Ping Coates

Ping is a Montessori trained teacher with 15 years of teaching experience and three children of her own. 

Ping is passionate about  empowering children and their parents. 

She believes that each person has a gift to give....''Realising Your Significance will set you on a path to a more fulfilled life, enabling you to share your gifts and find your purpose.''

Katrina Harris

Kat is an Executive Assistant, Event Manager, Massage Therapist, avid Traveller.

Kat  believe's that every adult should have the opportunity to step away, be nurtured, be selfish, connect and grow.  

Kat says that RYSe Retreats does all this and much more and she is... ''truly energised and excited to be bringing this collaboration with such an inspiring team to the world in beautiful locations.''


Mindy is a Product Trainer with Client Services and Human Resources experience in the offshore investment sector.

Mindy believes inner peace and self-love is an important aspect of emotional health and personal growth.

Mindy is passionate to welcome and connect with those who are ready for the journey. "RYSe is beautifully co-created by Melissa & Madeleine and trust that you will be guided and empowered towards clarity in realising your highest potential.”


Your Holiday With Intention is waiting.