Holidays With Intention

Holidays With Intention

A conscious journey

With Holidays with Intention, you have everything you want from your usual holiday. The value add we offer is to provide you with the space and tools to :

  • Support you in reviewing life

  • To be heard

  • To share experiences

  • To be curious

  • To ask questions

And all this whilst you are in a relaxed state.

On leaving a Holidays With Intention Experience, you feel refreshed, focused and enthused with a renewed clarity and outlook towards the life you are choosing to return to and not a life you have to return to. 


Reframed Retreats that look more like holidays and short breaks with intention

Encompassing workshops, yoga and mindful activities for personal development for men and women, entrepreneurs, partners, couples, friends, parents, children and families.

This “brave new world” where Leaders are taking action towards providing a place for those whose curiosity for a purposeful and intentional way of living has been ignited. We are all Leaders of our Lives.

A conscious way of living that is healthy, in integrity and expansive for the individual, in relationship, with children, as parents, as elders, within families, our work place and communities at large.

A Global Community that provides a bridge by connecting those on the threshold of Conscious Living

It’s important to create space for yourself to feel into where you are in your life, where you are in the world and whether it is because it has happened by chance or design. Unplug. Check in. Reconnect.

And remember you have a choice with everything. You have the power to change your situation.

Being aware is the first step.

Holidays with Intention is a way to integrate this into your life. Find out more

Welcome to the Holidays With Intention Family





Holidays with Intention is a perfect getaway for moms and dads with children.
— Om & Away



The Intention

Imagine a Comprehensive Menu that Feeds Your Need for :

  • Activities that Cultivate Connection

  • Conscious Conversations

  • Inspiration For Your Creative Soul

  • Quiet Space for Integration

  • Time for Reflection in Natural Surroundings

  • Invigorating or Soothing Treatments For Your Body

  • Nutritious Meals that do not compromise on Flavour


nutritious meals

soothing treatments

time for reflection in natural surroundings

quiet space for integration

conscious conversations

Inspiration for your creative soul

activities that cultivate connection

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Holidays with intention :

Leaders & Facilitators

We couldn’t be more honoured to have the opportunity to co-create with the following Leaders in their field. 



Frontyard PlaySchool was founded in 2007 with a Montessori philosophy. Children spent 3-4 hours of their mornings, enjoying outdoor playtime, sensory activities and circle time while developing independence skills.

FrontYard MilkClub is a community that understands the roller-coaster ride of Parenthood. We eliminate some of the new parent guess work by providing support through shared perspectives and realistic guidance for those overwhelmed by the challenges of Parenthood.

Frontyard’s mission is to provide a safe and stimulating environment for children to explore and grow.

Frontyard Family Retreats is a HolyMama Certified Retreat Leader

SBL - FFF - IMP-03.jpg

melissa indot, founder of intuitive music programming

Intuitive Music Programming refines our emotional intelligence to unlock a new level of freedom. IMP is an effective system that helps transform challenging situations in life. It ‘does the work’ without you realising the work is being done. 

Melissa offers live IMP workshops in Asia, the United States and the United Kingdom. She launched her online IMP courses in April 2018 to a global market.

She has presented her work at HolyMama Retreats and Feminine Leadership Retreat.


madeleine yong, Intuitive, teacher, healer

Madeleine Yong is a spark for new initiatives and a catalyst for change.She has an expansive toolkit from modern psychology to ancient wisdom.

A true eclectic practitioner that only serves the best interests of her clients and the community. 

For over 20 years, Madeleine has supported thousands of children and adults to move forward from their past traumas and daily fears.

Madeleine's love for travel has taken her around the world from South America, Europe to Asia to study from numerous outstanding play therapists, child psychologists, powerful energy healers and spiritual master teachers.

Our Intention Creates Our Reality
— Wayne Dyer