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21 August 2019



24 April 2019

I had relaxed and recharged so fully, and watched my child blossom into the same. Together, we had been given this gift of time and space to just relax and be, by Holidays with Intention. We would go again in a heartbeat, and this time, take papa with us.
— Aja Ng for SassyMama

It didn’t take much convincing when I looked at the programme. It looked amazing. In the morning, kids and adults have their own separate activities, and then they all get together for lunch, and the afternoons are for your own family explorations – perfect. I travel often, reviewing retreats, so I am plagued by mum-guilt when the kids are left at home. This retreat however, gave me the sweet opportunity to do a trip with them.
— Charlyn Ding for Mummyfique

kensington mums

12 april 2019

Go easy on yourself…we are all doing the best we can with what we know and what we have the capacity for right now. Don’t beat yourself up with all the things you did or didn’t do.
— Ping Ong-Coates

Om & Away

16 April 2019

I would recommend this trip for any mom, whether or not you do yoga! A couple of moms who have never done yoga were in this trip and they loved it. Holidays with Intention is a perfect getaway for moms and dads with children. A special bond was created between my daughters and I.
— Om & Away

Holidays with Intention Family Retreats is a holiday with a twist… When you leave, you actually feel rested, recharged and refreshed, and ready to get back into life.
— Kensington Mums


15 March 2019

Holidays with Intention is a conscious family-based retreat organiser, who wants to inspire your outlook and provide you with the tools to make the life of your dreams happen. While you’re on this journey of self-discovery and reflection, the kids are also cared for and have enriching activities to do. The programmes may include a combination of meditation, nature walks, yoga, workshops, meals, spa and healing sessions and other engaging activities to inspire, nourish and entertain.
— Mummyfique

kensington mums

4 march 2019 adults, we don’t have to do so much to give our children these experiences… but at the same time, we have to Be conscious in our behavior and language so that our children are absorbing that which is positive. These principles are relevant whether we are hosting toddlers, preschoolers, tweens or teens.
— Kensington Mums

Kensington Mums

18 February 2019

We provide an environment that will inspire a new outlook whilst providing you with the tools to be in the natural flow of parenthood that often feels so challenging. You will feel refreshed, focused and inspired. Return with renewed clarity and outlook towards the life you are choosing rather than a life that “happened to you”.
— Kensington Mums